1. Baby I'm a Wild One

    Warning: Our new Karekare hair tonic may unleash your inner wild child…

  2. T&D Christmas Video

    Merry Christmas from the team at Triumph & Disaster!  We put together a little video for you, we hope you enjoy it.

  3. "For Them. By Us." | The BlackHouse

    Tallitha Maddison talks to T&D about her passion for barbering, tattooing and choosing the road less travelled.

  4. Promiscuous Ponsonby Pomade

    Mary McCune from New York has made this alluring short film...

  5. "For Them. By Us" | Barberology

    Barberology, founded by Adam Gore, takes Barbering to the next level.

  6. Some Advice is Shit - So It Pays To Be Your Own Best Coach.

    An old cricket coach told me this when I was 16 years old and I’ve never forgotten it - 'Some advice is shit – so it pays to be your own best coach'.

  7. One Bad Little Muther Oxy - Before You Buy Your Sunscreen, Read This!

    Better known as Oxybenzone but runs by many aliases. Oxybenzone reminds us of a slippery little dude you might meet backpacking through the south of France, the type of guy who spends all his time running around town, telling everyone he’s their friend and that he is going to do all these wonderful things for them, all the while fiddling people out of their hard earned cash and ruining their memory of the trip forever....

  8. "For Them. By Us." | Automata

    Automata, The first restaurant to open in The Old Clare Hotel, provides a comfortable yet unique dining experience, consisting of a regularly changing five course meal. The interior, designed by Matt Darwon stays true to the restaurant’s namesake and is made using tractor seats, motorbike engines and aeroplane parts, playing on the theme of non-electronic automation.

  9. "For Them. By Us." | Capsule

    In our fifth instalment of ‘For them, by Us’, we catch up with Nick Denton, founder of Capsule, a men’s streetwear boutique located in Sydney & Melbourne. We find out how a trip to the states, 90s Hip-Hop Fashion & Magazines, and the need to look the best at the gig influenced his life, and ultimately lay the foundations for what Capsule is today.

  10. Mike And His Son, Blue

    Meet Mike (he’s the one with the dreads!). Mike Hamel is one of New Zealand’s best and most celebrated hairdressers, he is an entrepreneur, a New Zealand ping pong rep, an all-round great guy and Blue’s Dad. Blue was T&D’s first intern, rolling up his sleeves and helping out with anything and everything that needed to be done, but that lasted about 3 minutes once we worked out how talented he is.

  11. "For Them. By Us." | The Dea Store

    DEA, short for Delicate Eye Area, Karin Huchatz’s boutique nestled on Redfern’s Regent street aims to please yours. With a curated selection of goods for the home or kitchen, we chat to Karin about what makes her tick, her love for Japanese home wares and find out why Monocle included The DEA Store in their latest ‘Guide to Sydney’.

  12. Barry & V

    Meet Barry. Barry is Dion’s brother-in-law. And his daughter, Vanya, T&D’s very first poster girl is Dion’s niece - nepotism being a key component of any successful business : ) Barry’s favourite things in the world are motorbikes, farming and his family.

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